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Sweetland Garden Supply is an organic gardening supply store located in the downtown metropolis of North San Juan, California. We carry an assortment of products to meet your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. We stock bagged soils such as  Amazon,  FoxFarm, Vital Earth, Vermicrop, Royal Gold, Roots Organics, EB Stone, Greenall, Doctor Earth. We carry soil amendments, such as rock phosphate, oyster shell lime, guanos, feather meal, glacial rock dust,  liquid nutrients from Botanicare, Advanced Nutrients, Technaflora, Age Old Organics, Earth Juice, and Foxfarm.

WE sell bulk Vermicrop Soil and VermiFire, 20 yard minimum. Call for details and pricing.

Take a stroll in our greenhouse offering a variety of landscape plants , Native plants, and seasonal veggie starts.

Sweetland Garden Supply sells soil builder seeds, veggie and flower seeds, grow lights, reflectors, cloning supplies, Smart Pots, plastic grow pots, and supplies for all your gardening needs.  

We brew compost tea from May to September.

Our store is locally owned, with knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly staff.

We hold classes regarding compost tea making, soil building and pest management.

Classes at Sweetland
Soil Amending Class

April 11th at 10am

Compost Tea Class

April 25th at 10am with Cosmo

Smart Irrigation: Setting up a Drip Irrigation System

June 13th at 10am with Mike

Fertilizing Using Dry and Liquid Nutrients

June 20th at 10am with Anicca


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