Construction Progress Report

roof is already on
The new store construction is progressing so quickly. The walls are up and the roof is on. Todd Dungan and his crew have been doing an amazing job framing it up. Here are more photos…

More Products!

We’re excited to be planning the retail aspect of it, now that we can see what the building will look like. Stay tuned for more info. We are hoping to be fully open by February!

We are planning on carrying more types of products, like hardware, tools, camping gear, fishing gear, and plumbing supplies… along with our already awesome selection of gardening tools and products of course.

Winter Hours

Our winter hours start October 23. We will be open from 9:00am – 5:30pm on Weekdays, on Saturdays from 9:00am – 4:00pm, and closed on Sundays.

Halloween Haunted House

haunted houseWe will have a Haunted House on Halloween for school age children during the day. Pre-schoolers are of course welcome too. Come on by for the thrills and chills!

Building Bigger and Better

Excuse Our Dust!

In case you haven’t stopped by in awhile, you’ll be happy to hear that Sweetland Garden Mercantile is growing!

We got our permit on 7-11-2017 to rebuild and redesign our store.

It took over a year since the drawings were submitted to get our building permit, and I am so relieved to finally have it. Once we got it, we immediately started moving and shaking and digging!

Construction at SGM
Construction work at SGM

The old store has mostly been demolished and a foundation has been laid for the new store! Every day there are lots of folks out there working on it.

Hopefully we will be moving in by January.

We’re Still Open for Business

In the meantime, we have moved our store into the back yard into containers. All products are organized! Our office and cash register is in a temporary mobile unit. We are actually fully stocked! We have our bloom products and harvest supplies ready to go, as well as products ready for those starting again.

The new store will still be a garden store, but we hope to include more mercantile-type stuff: camping gear, nails and screws, more PVC pipe & fittings, fishing gear, locally made products like honey and knives, as well as a selection of additional landscaping products.

Now is a great time to come by and see what is happening!

Super September Specials

Save during September on the following in-stock products…

CalPhos - the world's only granular soft phosphate product
CalPhos Granular soft phosphate

50% OFF Select 50-pound Bags

  • Feather Meal 12-0-0: High in nitrogen and chitosan and is perfect to start winter crops with.
  • CalPhos Granular 0-3-0: A slow release phosphorus source that lasts for years in your soil. Add to fruit trees in winter or early spring.
  • Cottonseed Meal: A great resource for soils that are acidic or for plants that like things acidic.

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June Bloom Specials

Enjoy These Savings During the Month of June…

Down to Earth Liquid Bone Meal

Down To Earth Liquid Bone Meal

Down To Earth Liquid Bone Meal (0-12-0) provides a readily-available source of phosphorus and calcium designed to promote increased flower, fruit, seed and vegetable production.

20% OFF, in-stock items only.

Down to Earth Liquid Calcium

Down To Earth Liquid Calcium

Containing 5% Calcium Chloride, this product enhances cell wall formation, promotes normal cell division in new growth and proper fruit development. Prevents blossom end rot in tomatos and peppers. OMRI Certified.

20% OFF, in-stock items only.

Down To Earth AGmino

Down To Earth AGmino

Down To Earth AGmino (14-0-0) is a water-soluable powder made with soy protein hydrolosate, packing 14% nitrogen to encourage more shoots, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

20% OFF, in-stock items only.

NPK Mighty Wash

Mighty Wash

Mighty, by NPK Industries, uses the power of pyrethrins to kill all life stages of spider mites — including eggs — on contact. May be used indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses.

20% OFF, in-stock items only.

Smart Pots by High Caliper

High Caliper Smart Pots

Great for patios, raised beds, and anywhere you don’t want to dig into the ground. These breathable, fabric plant pots are made in the USA and range in size from 2 gallons to 400.

20% OFF, in-stock inventory only.

Sequoia Tree Spring Pots

Sequoia Tree Pots

Sequoia spring pots stand up by themselves to make filling easy, offer superior UV protection, aerate root structure and release harmful heat to the root zone. Upper Velcro tie-down straps hold branches, irrigation lines or stakes in place. Folds down flat for easy storage. 45 and 65 gallon sizes, with support stakes.

20% OFF, in-stock inventory only.

End of Spring Inventory Clearance Sale

Sweetland Garden Mercantile will be holding our End of Spring Inventory Clearance Sale from June 26th – June 30th! Many items will be on sale from 10-50% off. We won’t know what is on sale ’til that week, so be sure to come in.

These specials are good only until June 30, 2017.